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Situated on the north banks of the River Tagus, the charm of Lisbon exists in its strong links to the erotic past. Its renovated palaces, magnificent churches and an impressive castle mirror the city's rich cultural heritage. Its eclectic blend of neighborhoods, culture and architecture distinguish this capital city uniquely from the other European capitals and make it a truly fascinating and comprehensive city to visit. Most popular spots in Lisbon are; located around
Rossio and Praça do Comércio, Baixa; situated on the hill around St. George's Castle, Alfama and Mouraria; and set on Tagus River, Belém.

A city set on seven hills, as the legend tells, with its cobble-stoned pavements and narrow streets full of Art Nouveau cafés promises a lot to discover.

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Are you feeling stressed out why not take your time to relax and have a genuine massage .I am 25 years, stand at 165 cm, with a proportional and fit body, big breasts and nice ass. everybody say i am...

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Are you feeling stressed ??

Are you feeling stressed out why not take your time to relax and have a genuine massage .I am 25 years, stand at 165 cm, with a proportional and fit body, big breasts and nice ass. everybody say i am sexy and beautiful, well-groomed. My name is Isabella, and I am a beautiful masseuse who will help you relax and enjoy yourself, the goal of my massage is to build and use sexual energy to heal and release energy blockages that may exist around the body.

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Comfort and sense of well-being

By combining both regular muscle work with very intimate touch, your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened as your body's sensitivity increases. Your whole body will be completely nurtured and pampered giving you a feeling of comfort and sense of well-being.

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 Tonight will be a long night. I have an overnight with a regular client. He’s a very sweet man, and is much more interested in just spending time with me than just what I’m like in bed. That’s always refreshing. I get there, and he’s rented a very nice suite and brought me dinner. So, we chat, watch TV, and cuddle for the longest time.


This guy was nice enough to send me his pic in advance and tell me all about himself. He, too, wants to do a little site-seeing and have some drinks. I get to the hotel. We meet in the lobby and head out. It’s about 9:30 on Friday night. Everywhere is packed, so we just go back to the hotel bar and chat and have a couple of drinks. He’s really a handsome guy and very interesting. We seem to have a lot in common, which makes for good conversation. After awhile, we head up to the room, get undressed, and start cuddling. He’s a great kisser and has good breath (always a plus!).

 I’ve only seen him a few times, and he likes to really talk. I feel “on guard” as to what I can let him know and what I can’t. Other than that, it’s pretty laid back. I can tell with this guy that he has the potential to turn into one of those obsessive clients. He is married, though, which is a good safeguard. He is so into me. It’s the same feeling when you start to really fall for someone and you feel so singled out in the world of men. I feel the same way with this guy. I can’t believe how much he likes me, and what he thinks of me. I don’t have low self-esteem, but it can just be such an overwhelming feeling when one feels this way about you. I hate for him that I don’t have the same feelings in return, but luckily he understands that, while it is fun, I am there because he hired me to be.

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I lay him on his back and start going down on him. He loves it. He pulls a bottle of rush out. I usually don’t like it because it gives me a headache, but I take a whiff anyways and just devour his cock. He tells me to stop after a minute because he’s going to cum, and then, he cums. He was totally cool with it and wanted to keep going. Then, he got too relaxed. He told me he hasn’t cum from a blowjob since his twenties. Who knows? Maybe, he hasn’t, so I’ill believe him since its a flattering compliment. We chat some, and then, once again, I’m out the door and back home.